Top 7 Affordable Universities in Iceland for International Students

Popularly known  as the land of fire and ice, the country of Iceland is home to many mysteries to outsiders and strangers. The land of fire comes from the volcanoes that erupted out of the underground, and the land of ice is derived from glaciers covering some of Iceland’s countryside. Because of its distinct nature, most of the people in Iceland believe in elves and trolls, and Iceland is a highly eco-friendly country.On top of that, there are several low or affordable tuition universities for international students

Because of its great beauty and mystical beings, the country of Iceland is a superb country to consider for study abroad opportunities if you are interested in nature and history.

Universities with Low Tuition for Internationals student

Bifröst University

Established in 1918, Bifröst University is the only liberal arts school in Iceland, and their education offerings were accredited in 1988 by the Department of Education of Iceland. Even though it has a few departments (Business, Law, Social Science), Bifröst University delivers highly specialized courses in each department.

Interesting fact, their campus is composed of an outside jacuzzi, sauna, and many other sceneries that only Icelandic students would enjoy. Established in Icelandic nature, many students of Bifröst University enjoy hiking to the Mountains, lava patches and ice fields.

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Iceland Academy of the Arts

As its name suggests, the Iceland Academy of the Arts focuses on fine arts, architecture, theatre, dance and art education. As a university it provides high education courses in these subjects, and this academy continues to provide professional musicians to the world. Majority of the universities in Iceland are in part of the Erasmus program, which means you can be an exchange student to many of the European universities if you are one of the students enrolled in this university.

Take advantage of this opportunity with the Erasmus programs, and if you would like more details on the Erasmus program, visit the specific University website.

Reykjavik University

Focusing on computer science engineering, computer science, law and business,  the students at Reykjavik University experience real world challenges that they will face in their future careers. Because of their emphasis on practical learning, many graduates of Reykjavik fit right into their careers, and small classes of RU increases the interpersonal interaction between the student and their professors.

Agricultural University of Iceland

Offering very interesting courses, the Agricultural University of Iceland teaches agricultural science, flower decoration, forest or environment, gardening production and landscape gardening. Because of their interesting course selection, a lot of high school students apply for these secondary education courses, and many of the high school graduates continue their study by applying for undergraduate and graduate courses.

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Holar University College

Holar University offers interesting courses similar to the ones at Agricultural University of Iceland, and the three departments of Holar are aquaculture, tourism, and equine (horses) studies. Because of its focus on horses, many research is focused on horse riding and breeding. Also, many tourists visit Holar since there are many historic buildings and great sceneries that they can enjoy, and most of the income does come from tourism related activities.

Note that it is required that you know the Icelandic language, so make sure to learn before applying to this university.

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University of Akureyri

Also called the UNAK, the University of Akureyri was founded in the capital of North Iceland, and it continues to influence their country by producing quality graduates yearly. All the courses that are offered in the University of Akureyri are duly accredited by the Department of Education, and many global collaboration has been forged with over 200 colleges across the world.

Unfortunately, we could not see any specific details concerning tuition fees, but you may still know the specific amount of your intended degree by contacting the faculty in charge of your course.

University of Iceland

It is the largest and oldest university in Iceland, the University of Iceland continues to write its history by advancing their departments and by hiring experienced professors to teach their students. With strong efforts aimed at establishing equality and promoting diversity, many international students have been accepted to study at the University of Iceland, and they continue to further their education there

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Conclusion: New Country, New Perspective

Unlike other places, Iceland does not promote free education for Ph. D. programs nor do they employ doctoral students who get accepted into their university. It is surely a land of fire and ice by their abundance of volcanoes and glaciers.

Even though there is low or cheapest tuition education, be sure to check all the little things that require your constant attention. Check the costs of living and additional fees that you might need to pay. Hoped this piece has helped, and have a great educational journey.

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