List of 10 Best Universities in Canada for International Students

Canada is a beautiful country where nature abounds, and it is very famous for its bears and great-tasting salmon. Why not enjoy nature and get an education at the same time? Many international students have been granted admission and currently enrolled in these 10 top universities in Canada.

These Universities have been ranked as the very best universities in both Canada and in the world. Be sure to check out the information listed below!

Top Universities in Canada for International Students

1. University of Toronto

Ranked as number one in Canada and also being one of the world’s elite research universities, University of Toronto has impacted the lives of many students, and their graduates continue to change the world by their actions. Composed of three beautiful campuses, University of Toronto is well known for its beautiful architecture and even more beautiful nature.

2. University of British Columbia

Being home to a high number of international students, University of British Columbia was recently recognized as the top university in North America for international students from around the world. Ranking in the top among the world’s elite universities, UBC is renowned for its research capabilities and cutting edge technology.

3. McGill University

Receiving students from over 150 countries worldwide, McGill University is another top university with internationally diverse student body and culture. Among the top research intensive universities, McGill University has the most vibrant and diverse community, and it is very welcoming to international students. Many bright thinkers and scholars, entrepreneurs and athletes from around the world have been attracted to McGill University due to their prestigious national and international status and scholarships.

4. McMaster University

Ranked as number one as the best research-intensive universities in Canada, McMaster University strives to change the world through its creative innovations and research efforts. Also having created and patented many inventions, McMaster graduates are well- known for their creativity and ingenuity when faced with hard problems.

5. University of Montreal

Ranked as the number one university in the region of Quebec, the University of Montreal boasts of its world class research capabilities and their international partnerships. Because of its broad partnerships with international institutions, many of their students get to study abroad and receive a truly life changing education at the same time!

6. University of Alberta

This is one of the world’s top public universities that constantly strives to make its education available to everyone, local and worldwide. Because of their lifelong vision to make a world a better place, University of Alberta continues to uplift students to a higher education pedigree, and they continue to fulfill this vision by undertaking many acts of charity.

7. University of Ottawa

Having the reputation for being the largest bilingual (English-French) university in the world, the University of Ottawa continues to excel in their teaching and learning as well as research. Situated in the heart of Canada’s capital city, University of Ottawa is ranked among the top 15 research-intensive universities in Canada. The University of Ottawa is home to the largest law school in Canada, and it is known for offering their diverse programs.

8. Western University

Popularly known as the most beautiful campus in Canada, Western University contains many Gothic architectures that projects the historical aspect of the university, and it continues to aspire many students daily. Receiving a high number of students from abroad, Western University is also well-known for its research capabilities and its welcoming atmosphere toward international students.

9. University of Calgary

Not only is the rankings vital, but the location of the university is also important. Located in Calgary, the University of Calgary is located in one the safest places (city) in the world, and this city is ranked one of the world’s top cities to live in, work, and to raise a family. Also having being ranked highly among the universities in the nation and in the world, University of Calgary is also among the world’s best research-intensive universities dedicated to betterment of the people and the world at large.

10. University of Waterloo

Ranked as the most innovative university in Canada, University of Waterloo continues to attract great scholars and thinkers from all over the world due to its superb education. Having Nobel prize winners among its faculty, no wonder why thousands of students are attracted to this university yearly. The University of Waterloo is also ranked as number one in Canada for their engineering programs, and their graduates continue to change the world by their inventions.


I hoped that this information about the best Universities in Canada for international students was helpful. Goodluck with your education adventure!